I’m an assistant professor in the Department of Computer Science at University of Arizona.
I’m a member of UA’s HDC Lab.
I work with an awesome research group: Matt Berger (postdoc), Jixian Li (PhD), and Kairong Jiang (PhD).

I used to profess at Clemson University. I am a postdoctoral alumnus of University of Utah’s Scientific Computing and Imaging Institute with Valerio Pascucci and Ross T. Whitaker. I did my PhD at the Ohio State University with Tamal K. Dey and my undergraduate and MS at Case Western Reserve University with Michael S. Branicky.

Here is my short bio.

I research visualization and geometric modeling.
Along the way, I use topological analysis, high-performance computing, and computer graphics.
I write code for my research, including contributions to TTK, Cleaver, DelPSC, and DelIso.

My recent work has been funded by:
    NSF, on our collaborative award Coupled Simulation and Mesh Generation using Computational Topology (IIS-1654221, previously IIS-1314757).
    DOE, on my Early Career Research Program award Analyzing Multifaceted Scientific Data with Topological Analytics (DE-SC0019039).




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