Research Alumni

Former Postdocs

Matt Berger (postdoc from Nov. 2016 to Jul. 2018), now faculty at Vanderbilt University.

Chakrit Watcharopas (postdoc from Apr. 2014 to Mar. 2016, co-mentored with Donald House), now faculty at Kasetsart University.

Former Graduate Students

Simon Swenson (co-advised with Kobus Barnard), M.S. in Computer Science, Spring 2020.

Benafsh Husain, M.S. in Computer Science, Spring 2018. Now pursuing a PhD in Biomedical Data Science and Informatics.

Zhi Zhang, M.S. in Computer Science, Fall 2017. Now at Itron, Inc..

Dachao Sun, M.S. in Computer Science. Thesis: Volumetric Seam Carving, Spring 2017.

Zachary Shore, M.S. in Computer Science, Summer 2015. Now at Deck Nine Games.

Former Undergraduate Students

Devin Bayly, Honors thesis in NSCS (co-advised with Jean-Marc Fellous).

Alex DeJournett, B.S. in Computer Science and Math, now at Astrobotic Technology, Inc.