Research Alumni

Former Postdocs

Matt Berger (postdoc from Nov. 2016 to Jul. 2018), next faculty at Vanderbilt University.

Chakrit Watcharopas (postdoc from Apr. 2014 to Mar. 2016, co-mentored with Donald House), next faculty at Kasetsart University.

Former Graduate Students

Jixian Li, Ph.D. in Computer Science, Summer 2022. Next a postdoc at University of Utah.

Brian Bollen, Ph.D. in Applied Math, Summer 2022. Next at Gravy Analytics.

Kairong Jiang, Ph.D. in Computer Science, Summer 2022. Next at Seetrum.

Justin Crum (co-advised with Andrew Gillete), Ph.D. in Applied Math, Spring 2022. Next at Raytheon.

Simon Swenson (co-advised with Kobus Barnard), M.S. in Computer Science, Spring 2020.

Benafsh Husain, M.S. in Computer Science, Spring 2018. Next pursued a PhD in Biomedical Data Science and Informatics.

Zhi Zhang, M.S. in Computer Science, Fall 2017. Next at Itron, Inc..

Dachao Sun, M.S. in Computer Science. Thesis: Volumetric Seam Carving, Spring 2017.

Zachary Shore, M.S. in Computer Science, Summer 2015. Next at Deck Nine Games.

Former Undergraduate Students

Alex DeJournett, B.S. in Computer Science and Math, 2020. Next a PhD student at Dartmouth College.

Devin Bayly, Honors thesis in NSCS (co-advised with Jean-Marc Fellous).