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In this final project milestone, you will submit your final report that summarizes your research progress and describes in detail the results that you achieved. The report will again be a LaTeX document, similar in structure to the documents we’ve used in the past. You will also prepare a summative final project presentation.


In this milestone we are:

  • Providing a final report for our project
  • Discussing any changes, deviations, or deficiencies since the P3 milestone
  • Synthesizing the results that you produced to draw conclusions from your efforts
  • Placing all of this in a LaTeX document.


You again have two required components for this assignment: (1) completing a final report write-up document and (2) preparing a final project presentation. I describe each of these separately.

Final Report (due May 04 at 11:59:59 PM)

Similar to past submissions, please use the IEEE TVCG Journal Track Format. While I suspect you will recycle many elements from previous milestones, the document should be framed as a research paper, similar to those you have read throughout the semester. All elements that speak of “proposed” work should be replaced to results that report on “completed” work. You will not include elements like a “timeline”.

The maximum length of this document should follow the IEEE VIS standards. 9 pages of text and at most 2 pages of references. If you need to deviate significantly from this specification, please request a meeting with the instructor to discuss. There is no minimum length.

Here is a revised outline. You may deviate from these sections as appropriate, but please strive to include all elements described below.

  1. You should include an Abstract, Introduction, Background, and Related Work, with these sections updated to reflect any additional research you have done and to describe the project in its final form.
  2. A Methods section that clearly outlines the methods you have employed.
    • This should be written in a way emphasizing reproducibility, include a sufficient level of detail so that a reader understands what you did and how to do it themselves.
    • Justify any specific choices you made here, particularly if there were alternatives.
  3. A Results section that describes your results and how your evaluated them. This section should reflect the work that you have accomplished since the project began.
    • Use images to describe any visualization techniques, and make sure you plot and quantitative results using good practices.
    • Completed evaluation of results, include descriptive text describing your analysis of them.
    • If code is an artifact of your research project, then this section should include sufficient information as to how to run your code. If applicable, feel free to create a separate subdirectory in the github repository and include the code and/or sample data. Do not submit very large data files in git.
  4. A Discussion section where you reflect on the work and consider its impacts.
    • This section should be much more extensive than the last milestone. This section should include summative analysis about the lessons learned from conducting the research.
    • Do no just simply reiterate what you did, but critically think about the consequences of the work. It may help to refer the claimed impacts to see if you were able to make progress on the bigger picture motivations.
    • Discuss any future directions, including both work that you think could build on your results as well as work that you had planned for but did not yet achieve.

Final Project Presentation (presented in class on Apr. 27-May 4)

Unlike your update presentations, the final presentation will be a more substantive presentation, similar in scope to the presentations given during the literature review sessions and thus graded similarly.

You should aim for a 10-15 minute presentation, with 10 minutes of Q+A afterward. Consider this a mini-lecture on your project. Taking the presentation and Q+A combined, the time slot is 25 minutes per person. At this stage, the class should be already familiar with your project (since we’ve had 3 other presentations), so you can be brief in introducing your work to reserve time to discuss the results and any critical ideas of the work.

As you aren’t seeking feedback, but rather reporting completion, another approach is to consider this presentation to be framed like an advertisement to encourage the class to go read your final report for more details. Highlight the most interesting discoveries you’ve found.

In the event that unforeseen circumstances prevent you from attending class in person, the instructor will consider options for pre-recorded presentations.


You should use git to submit all source code files for your (1) report and (2) a copy of your presentation slides. The expectation for this and future assignments is any work you submit will be graded by cloning your repo.

You should submit your progress update as a .pdf file named final.pdf. In addition, you must submit all .tex files and anything necessary to build them (images, .cls files, etc.). I will grade whatever is submitted in the .pdf, but these other files will be used for cross-checking the work.



Requirement Value
Submitting the update write-up (due May 04 at 11:59:59 PM)

Submitting a project report that includes all necessary sections 2
Description of your introduction and background2
Description of the methods that you employed and how your research plan worked out2
Reporting on the results of your research and their evaluation2
Reporting and discussion of conclusions and lessons learned.2

Presenting the final project (in class on Apr.27-May 4)

Quality of presentation/materials, staying within time, presentation style2
Overall Summary of the content5
Analysis and critique of the work3


Overall execution of the proposed research and content of the research project. How and if the project successfully completed the proposed research (adjusted to reflect progress updates through the semester).

Total 30/30

Cumulative Relationship to Final Grade

Worth 30% of your final grade