Lecture slides

Required Reading

Optional Reading

  • Eloquent JavaScript, 3rd Edition: A Modern Introduction to Programming (note, this is as a reference. The book is a great way to learn ES6, but you need not read it all at once)

  • Introductions to the Web Stack, Javascript, and DOM Manipulation - Carlos Scheidegger (Arizona). These links cover the first few lectures of CSC 444. Not all of the material is relevant to our course (you will not need any of the info about CSS or SVGs), but especially the Javascript lecture will provide you another opportunity for practice! His Quizzes also are useful practice.

  • Advice on Learning Javascript - Michael Gleicher (Wisconsin). Other than the textbook links, check out the video lectures at the bottom of this page for more repetition on the basics of the language, closures, and more

  • Example Code from Class - use git clone https://github.com/UA-CSC433-Fall2019/l02_examples to download