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In this final project milestone, you will submit your final report that summarizes your research progress and describes in detail the results that you achieved.

Like the first two milestones, your final report should be a LaTeX document that is updated from project milestone 2. I am expecting that you will copy any necessary files from previous milestones and insert them in this project repository. Thus, the base repository I have provided for you is empty, but I am expecting you to populate it with the necessary files to build your proposal document. Only include *.tex and *.bib files, and any necessary files to build the your .pdf report (i.e. images and latex style files like .cls, .bst, and your Makefile). DO NOT include any auxiliary or compiled files in the repository.


In this milestone we are:

  • Providing a final report for our project
  • Discussing any changes, deviations, or deficiencies since the second milestone
  • Synthesizing the results that you produced to draw conclusions from your efforts
  • Placing all of this in a LaTeX document

Your final report.

I expect that you will start by copying over all latex files and then renaming update.tex to final.tex to start. You will have to adjust the Makefile accordingly. When I grade this milesetone, I will run make and then look for a file final.pdf which contains your final report.

Thus, you can maintain much of the structure that you had from previous milestones. While this structure is helpful, I expect that you will change the sections so that you can:

  1. Update the Introduction, Background, and Related Work to reflect any additional research you have done and to describe the project in its final form. Your report should also have an abstract.

  2. A new section that describes the methods you employed. This should be an update from your previous research plan sections. Now that you’ve accomplished the work, they are no longer plans but rather the steps you executed.
    • Please include any significant changes from project milestone 2, but more generally approach this section as a description of the work you did.
  3. An updated section that describes your Results and how your Evaluated them. This section should reflect the work that you have accomplished since the project began. Use images to describe any visualization techniques, and make sure you plot and quantitative results using good practices.
    • If code is an artifact of your research project, then this section should include sufficient information as to how to run your code. Moreover, you should create a separate subdirectory in the github repository and include the code and/or sample data.
    • You may optionally consider uploading any video clips that show interactions with visualizations that you produced.
  4. A new section that summarizes your the conclusions and lesson learned from your work. This section should be summative analysis. Do no just simply reiterate what you did, but critically think about the consequences of the work. It may help to refer to the impact section to see if you were able to make progress on the bigger picture motivations.

You are welcome to create additional .tex files and include them in final.tex as you see fit. You can deviate from the above structure provided you include all of the above components.


You should use git to submit all .tex files and files to build them. The expectation is that your update will graded by first building with make and then grading the resulting pdf.

To summarize, my expectation is that your repo will contain:

  1. Copies of final.tex, intro.tex, background.tex, research.tex, results.tex, conclusions.tex, and final.bib
  2. All other files necessary to build final.pdf
  3. NO files which are the result of building, do not submit final.pdf nor any of the intermediate files that result from compiling LaTeX (e.g. .aux, .bbl, .blg, .log, .log files).



Requirement Value
Final Report

Submitting a project report that compiles and includes all necessary sections 20
Description of your introduction and background20
Description of the methods that you employed and how your research plan worked out20
Reporting on the results of your research and their evaluation20
Reporting and discussion of conclusions and lessons learned.20

Execution of your (revised) research plan and overall project quality and completeness. 200
Total 300/300

Cumulative Relationship to Final Grade

Worth 15% of your final grade