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In this milestone you will focus on presenting your findings to the class. We have reserved the last three lectures (on December 1, December 3, and December 8) for lecture time so that students can present their work to the class. We will utilize Zoom for these presentations.

The repo that you create here will be used to submit your slide deck and any materials you use for your presentation.


In this milestone we are:

  • Communicating the results of our project to the rest of the class
  • Creating a talk that summarizes the work we’ve accomplished this semester
  • Practicing our presentation skills

Presentation Format Requirements

We will conduct no more than six presentations on any given day. Each presentation will consist of a talk that is no longer than ten minutes. Please see Piazza for the schedule of who will present on which days.

You have two options for how to present. On your assigned time slot, you may choose to present live if you wish. You must be ready to share your slides on your screen and to give the presentation over Zoom. Alternatively, you may use Zoom to pre-record your presentation and create a video file. If you do, a link to this video must be submitted in your repository, stored somewhere such as Google Drive or Youtube. You could also directly upload the video as a .mp4 file in your repository. It is your responsibility to make sure this video has video and audio feeds.

During the actual class period, we will watch live presentations and/or videos, with a 2 minute break in between each video for discussion from class. Additional discussion will be on Piazza as well during the 24 hour period after each presentation. Both forms of discussion (live q+a and Piazza) will factor into your class participation grade.

Presentation Content Requirements

Your presentation must address four points:

  1. You must introduce the research question that you studied, and what motivated you to pursue it.

  2. You must briefly describe related work in this area.

  3. You must describe your research plan. Feel free to contextualize this with how your plan evolved, but primarily you should focus on what techniques your employed and what data sets you may have used.

  4. You must describe the results you achieved. Where appropriate, feel free to use a live demo any software tools you generated. Mention how you evaluated your work as well.

Feel free to include additional content as you see fit, but your goal should be to give a talk that would be similar to the sort of presentation you might see at a research conference. You might find inspiration is watching recent talks at conferences like IEEE VIS 2020.

In ten minutes it will be impossible to say everything that will go in your research report, so pick carefully what aspects you want to focus on, that might encourage an audience member to dig deeper in the same area.


You should use git to submit all presentation files. The expectation is that your repository will contain a copy of your slides BEFORE you are actually scheduled to give the presentation (to be fair to the entire class, so that no one gets additional time).



Requirement Value
Giving a presentation that satisfies the formatting requirements, including staying within 10 minute time limit 20
Presenting an introduction that states the research question and its motivation 20
Presenting relevant background work that contextualizes your approach 20
Describing your research plan and techniques 20
Discussing the results and their evaluation 20
Total 100/100

Cumulative Relationship to Final Grade

Worth 5% of your final grade